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Cutting carbs completely...

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    Cutting carbs completely...

    or close to zero. Is this safe?? I was thinking I could do it easilly enough, and I could burn more fat that way. Or is this not recommended?

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    I wouldn't recommend it. You should try to stay right at 20 or more. Going under 20 isn't going to help at all. You're allowed 20g, eat 'em!

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    Thanks Brandy. I appreciate the help. I'll stick with what I am doing, it's working. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, lol.

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    No or extreemly low carb isn't recomended... generally, it isn't a sustainable diet and without your vegi's, you miss needed nutrients and fiber...

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    if you eat salad veggies and such, you won't burn less fat and the fiber will also keep your digestive tract clear of blockages.

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    speaking from personal experience, I should have been dead a long, long time already, following my personal plan of no more than 5 gr daily, but almost always 1/2 of that. I do take vitamins with that. Love & Profits: FLATFERENGHI

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    I know. When I tell poeple what I eat or do not eat, I alway get strange looks. I did a lot of research and it seems good fats and proteins are all we really need. I do use vitamins.
    I am Arlene and Dr Mary Vernon says it best for me. I used to stand under my plum tree waiting for the fruit to ripen and fall, now I stand near a coconut tree.
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