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Weight loss diets can be causes for obesity?

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    Weight loss diets can be causes for obesity?


    I found on the internet this subject, for ex. Weight loss diets can be causes for obesity? What do you think? My wife is in a weight loss diet program and now I am worried about her.

    Thank you

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    I think that yo-yo dieting... where a lot of weight gets lost using starvation methods, followed by gaining even more then was lost, are very unhealthy and can lead to trouble maintaining a healthy weight. This type of unhealthy diet leads to MUSCLE loss. That makes it harder and harder to burn calories and live a healthy lifestyle.

    However, I think that following one LAST diet, Atkins, AND doing it right so you KEEP THE LOST WEIGHT OFF, and do it as prescribed so you build or at least maintain your muscle mass... is very healthy.

    Loosing fat ins't the unhalthy part of dieting, its loosing muscle and learning poor eating habits that hurt you.

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