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Hi! another newbie from the UK

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    Hi! another newbie from the UK

    Hi guys

    I finally decided to register so i can post on this site. I have been visiting it almost daily since the new year and it has really REALLY motivated me.

    Some info on me.... im 23, started atkins on 2nd jan 05, started at 148 pounds and have now lost 9 pounds. (i did cheat on one day!)

    im a little disappointed that i haven't lost anymore, i tried atkins in sept last year and lost 13 pounds in just over 3 weeks! My main reason for going back to atkins is that it honestly does make me feel so much better about myself, it also really helps prevent migranes and the headaches i used to get almost everyday.

    Sugar is bad!!!

    anyway just thought i would say hi and a big thankyou for to all the positive comments i read on this site, it really helps keep me going!

    Question.. i am going for dinner to a chinese resturant on friday, i have no clue about what would be acceptable to eat.... any ideas??


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    Hi Sam

    Welcome aboard!

    How much weight you wanna lose this time? If you´re near of your goal the weight loss can be a little slow!

    I read in another thread that chinese food has sugar in almost everything, but I think that thing with gravy are worst. Here in Brasil some chinese rest. have a pork dish. Its only some pork chops fried with a little onion and parsley. Look ok for me! Take a good look at the menu options and aks the waiter about the ingredients (like starch, flour and sugar itself).

    Good luck and keep us psoted

    PS Hope my english is good enough

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    wow that was some quick replies i am impressed!
    i want to loose about another 20 pounds or so, i know its not much in the scheme of things, just wanna feel good and look good!

    sounds like chinese is gonna be a hard one, maybe i'll just eat before i go out and just stick to good old diet coke for the night!

    Ju, your english is great, i have a friend who is portugese but he lives in france now! i guess this forum is a good place for you to practice your english.. although you dont really need any practice!

    i been visiting another atkins forum but it is awful all they talk about is how you shouldnt eat too much fat and how you need to count calories...! i like this site cos the people are nice and actually give good advice like in the atkins book!

    Big up the forum!!

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    when i order from chinese take-out, i tell them: no flour, no sugar, no corn starch. i get my ribs w/o bbq sauce. I use WF bbq sauce which I tweak with some other zero carb products to liven things up. my people are well trained. I do not even have to remind them any more. if u are handy in the kitchen, you may want to make your own low carb Chinese food. Love & Profits: FLATFERENGHI

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