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    I have an excel file I created that prints a helpful worksheet for journaling while on induction (or later). A single page printed double sided can be folded up so each quadrant has a daily worksheet to track food/water/exercise plus a quadrant for rules, reminders, ideas. Folds up small enough to keep in a purse or pocket. One sheet = one week.

    Anywho, the reason for this post is to ask if there is a way to post the file here if anyone wants to use it?

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    Wow-- I hope Samuel checks in and comes up with an idea- ---- sounds great!

    You can also offer to email it directly to people who want it --- (hint)

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    Sounds useful. I don't think it is possible to publish excell files as is on the web but I might be wrong. Perhaps we can change it to another format such as simple text (.txt) and publish it for printing. Some of our tech savvy members might have some suggestions.

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    excel file link


    I got some web space if you want to e-mail me the excel file I will zip it up and put in my web space and you can post the link on this site. Any Good ? :P

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