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Heavy Cream Desert Recipies Please

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    Heavy Cream Desert Recipies Please

    Northernlady, I know you touched base on this, but could you elaborate a bit more? Sounds interesting. Can it be frozen and eaten like ice cream? :wink: Also - where can I find cinnamon pork rinds? I found a bag of regular ones - and I just can't get to where I like them at all! :x

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    Smoothie like icecream

    Sorry to confuse things Cherri - I meant the smoothie, when adding psyllium husk powder, thickens it SO MUCH it comes out like soft serve ice cream. As a matter of fact, my SO let it sit on the table for so long that it thickened up completely and he had to eat it with a spoon.

    As for the cinnamon pork rinds - you use the blandest you can find, in the US that's Baken-ettes plain flavor.

    --- In low-carb-recipe-exchange@y..., cookingfreak@a... wrote: about
    Cinnamon Crispas. I really needed something quick and sweet, and made
    a very small batch (about 1 cup) three nights ago. They were great.
    If anyone wants to make a single-serve version, I used these

    Cinnamon Crispas

    1 cup plain pork rinds
    2 tsp Splenda (1 packet)
    1 tablespoons butter
    1/2 tsp cinnamon

    I just melted the butter, added the splenda and the cinnamon to the
    pan, and tossed the pork rinds in the hot pan to coat. This kind of
    crisped-up the pork rinds. Serves 1. About 3 carbs.

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    I would be exceedingly careful about desserts until you are well along in the plan. Unless you are in pre-maintenance, or at least well along in "owl" my recommendation is to avoid dessert. Let's face it, you are going to have to avoid desserts pretty much for the rest of your life if you want to be healthy and thin. You have plenty of time to find desserts once you have yourself and your habits under control. Atkins actually allows very little heavy cream on the plan. Unless you feel that you can control how much you end up ingesting you should put your efforts into developing your tastes for vegetables and other fresh foods.

    Good Luck!

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