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Encouragement for those who hate veggies-from a veggie hater

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    Encouragement for those who hate veggies-from a veggie hater

    Apparently, I am not the only one who doesn't care for vegetables. Until 5 weeks ago when I started Atkins the only green vegetables I ate were green beans and peas. I ate cooked carrots occasionally. I was so bad that if I accidentally ordered a burger and forgot to tell them to take off the lettuce, I removed it anyway.

    Here is what has helped me:

    1. I found that I like romaine lettuce and spinach (uncooked). Up until now the only lettuce I'd ever been served was the Iceberg stuff (hard, white, etc...nasty ) Soft dark green lettuce is fine.
    2. I like a salad better with grilled chicken, small tomatoes, and cheese. To my surprise, I actually like salad BETTER with only a little dressing.
    3. I can eat (but still don't like) Broccoli. Call me dumb, but I did not realize until recently that the head of the Broccoli is not too bad--it is the stem that is terrible! So, I only eat the head after dipping it in cheese, or butter, or ranch dressing.
    3. Well-seasoned vegetables are a lot better than those boiled and thrown on the plate (the way my mother used to serve them). No wonder I wouldn't eat my veggies!
    4. It IS AN ACQUIRED taste. Over time your taste can be changed but it takes discipline.
    5. I don't like cooked cabbage but I like Sauerkraut with sausage. That is a good way to get some cabbage.
    6. I thought the only way to eat spinach was cooked from the can—slimy--yuk! However, spinach in leave form (as in a salad) is actually good. Go figure! BTW, Wendy's has an excellent spinach salad.

    I hope that helps someone. Cheers

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    Bmos--good on you for trying veggies! Isn't it amazing how your tastes can change!?

    As for spinach, cooked... let me suggest that you STEAM a little, yourself, (you are right, the canned does tend to be slimey), and when it's steamed, toss a little butter on it and give that a try? You would be AMAZED at how different it tastes from canned!

    I love it any way --even the canned--but you can't beat it fresh, in salads. Steamed, tho, is a close second for us!

    And also--cooked cabbage. Like you, my mom (bless her darling little heart) would boil it to death! It always looked like grey mush--YUK! Once I was visiting friends who fixed cooked cabbage and I thought, "oh, no, how do I get out of eating that crap?" LOL But it was served steamed, still green, with butter, salt and pepper. I tried a small (SMALL) serving to be polite, and was floored! It is DELICIOUS that way! Now, I steam it and just toss it with butter, salt and pepper and it's one of our favorite veggies! Also, shredded with my homemade mayo-based cole slaw dressing is yummy!

    Thanks for the Wendy's tip--I had no idea they served a spinach salad!


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    Thanks for the post - great ideas and yes, canned spinach is Yuck, with a capital Y.

    Debbie - I love steamed cabbage w/ butter, salt, and pepper too. I love cole slaw, but the recipes I have are not atkins-friendly. What is your recipe?

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    I use mayo... maybe 1/4 cup, a dollup of cream, squirt of mustard, some celery seed, a tsp of Splenda and a little garlic powder. If it needs to be thinned down a little I add a little water.

    I think it's ok for induction.


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    as a child, on Ferenghinar, and on earth, I ate veggies and salads because mother made me. although I ALWAYS loved celery. as I grew older, and discovered grilling, saute-ing and roasting veggies, they became my new "candy". however, at this juncture I have put myself on a 5 net gram or less(usually less) plan for the time is working beautifully. when I feel the time is right, I will start GRADUALLY bringing them back to the table. now I stick to those which are virtually 100% fiber. escarole is one such green. btw sliced toasted almonds(just a few) are a great crunch to add to your salads, or veggies. u will NOT miss the croutons! Love & Profits: FLATFERENGHI

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