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I live in Berlin, 18% Unemployment, can't afford the book.

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    I live in Berlin, 18% Unemployment, can't afford the book.

    I live in Berlin. On a diet of beer and bread. Beer is cheaper than water, bread fills the void (berr too, he he). Where do I start, aside fom the obvious? Nore more bread, its done! No more beer, hmm? Does that mean wine too? I want to loose weight, not join a church. When I ask anyone here about Atikins, no reply, whats that? What should I eat for Breakfast, Supper, and my evening bread?
    In Germany one eats like a Lord in the morning, a King at noon, and a begger come days end. Soon I will come across the book, ebay or something like that. But until then I thought I could get some helf from this nifty Forum. Before I go, red meat is of poor quality here, pork, the other white meat is God in these parts. Germans eat pork, a lot of pork.



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    Pork is fine for this diet.. and there are a variety of ways to cook it. How about veggies?? can you get them pretty easily?

    Until you can get the book I would say go to it's a free website that mimics the book almost tooth and nail. There is a grandiose amount of information that will really benefit you. Start with the page that tells you how to do induction. Read it. Live by it. and when you have it down pat,, start investigating OWL..

    There are a lot of tips and tricks on this forum, but it is vital that you read the basic principles before jumping into it.. that is what the above site is for.. be informed..

    also, check the FAQ section within this forum. There are many questions that have been asked and answered that you can benefit from. While we don't mind questions and actually we learn from them and it helps to serve as a reminder to us all to stick to the plan,, we also end up answering some very basic questions over and over again..

    Just so ya know,,, I think you haven't gotten very many responses on your post because of which board it is on.. Try going to the General forum, and the induction forum,, and posting similar things.. you will get more of a response in those areas..

    Good luck, and welcome to this way of life!

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    Hiya Rosbot! Welcome! You know, the book is not expensive, really - you should get it and read it before starting. Next time you get the urge to go have a beer or two, save up just EUR 7,01 and order it from If you have a local public library, check it out. It's not going to be easy to change your way of life without being well informed first. All of us here started out reading the book first - it's not really an option not to. And, afterward you'll realize that EUR 7,01 was the cheapest life change you'll ever have made. I promise!

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    i was in Berlin for 6 weeks in 1977. i rented a room in Charlottenburg, and then Alt Moabit. I had to go home when my money ran out. I was on the " das billiger das besser" diet. I lost quite a lot of weight, because, I walked all over the city (east AND west). exercise is the key. Love & Profits: FLATFERENGHI

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