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Tiny1 getting Tiny-er.

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    Tiny1 getting Tiny-er.

    Hey everyone. Tiny1, in the house. Sorry it can't be for long. Breaks my heart that this board will close.
    I want to take advantage of the posts here, for the sake of my health. Treasure trove of info, for sure.
    I am an oldie, but a goodie. Been off and on with Atkins for years, but got real sick, and lapsed into my old ways.
    Been actively low carb since Christmas. Lost 65 lbs, to date, but am down 115 lbs total over the past couple of years. I weighed 420 at my worst. Lost 110 lbs three years ago, then had some TIA, aka mini strokes, so I quit smoking, and drinking. Gained 65 lbs back. Now, I am knocking on the door of 300 lbs. Looking for about 255.
    I love to cook. Pitmaster, and kitchen oriented person. Have converted to Low Carb Grilling. I have Low Carb Christmas and Thanksgiving Holidays. I get help from my 82 year old Mother. She is an Akins fan from WAYYYYY back. She was a fan while he was alive, and very controversial. She is awesome. She makes Keto Tamale Pie that is to die for. Keto pound cake, and mock potato salad, that my petite skinny wife likes better than carb loaded potato salad. Pork chops with Mushroom gravy, and wonderful Keto Shrimp Cocktail. And Low Carb BBQ Meatloaf. OMG that stuff is awesome.
    Anyways, howdy, y'all.

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    Welcome Tiny1!

    Obviously, this board will not be around much longer. A little less than a year ago, another long time low carb board closed, so one of the tech-y members of that board started another board for us: LC Neighborhood (

    Feel free to join us there!

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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