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veteran of OOOLLLDDD discussion boards...all of which are now closed down. :-(

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    veteran of OOOLLLDDD discussion boards...all of which are now closed down. :-(

    Hello, low carb friends...

    I have done low carb, off and on (mostly off...) since 2004. I primarily followed Protein Power (the Drs. Eades). We had a very robust online community at that time, and migrated from one bb service to another 3 or 4 times (I even created and hosted one myself, to mixed reviews...ha), until the Eades finally put a forum on their website...which is now gone. It's been a while since I was on the, I was looking for some of the great recipes for this week...and now I feel like I've lost a huge number of friends forever. Anyone from the old days here?

    Well, anyway...thanks for having this forum, and I'll try to check here more than once a year!


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    Sorry...don't know why that posted twice...I promise I'm not a spammer!

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    oldie here! Was with LCF back in 2007. Had amazing results that lasted years...however, I've encountered setbacks and need to reboot. I was so sad to learn that our forum shut down.

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