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New to here!

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    New to here!

    Hi all,
    I was on LCF's off and on for years. Found you all here and thought I would check it out! I move back and forth with the low carb lifestyle but know I need to just be here for good..... I am married, 3 college age daughters, and post menopausal so have about 20 extra pounds I need to get rid of for good.....
    I am extremely active so that is not the issue. It is always the nutrition. I am crazy enough to run marathons and halfs although just doing a half this November as I have a bum knee. I also am a BB junkie and try to do a workout 5 days a week. So, that part of the equation is fine.....
    So, if any of you have some advise to fix the nutrition thing, I am all ears.... I was an old Atkins 72 gal in the past and love the simplicity. Not sure where I should go now. Look forward to getting to know you all and thanks in advance for the support!


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    Welcome Susan, I have been on and off as well for some years. On now. Glad to hear about your running fitness. I have just started a run/walk program and I can visualize how much better my running performance would be if I could shed the extra weight I have. There are some great people in this forum; motivating and with plenty of experience. I have found that LC works well when you have prepared (planned, shopped and stored your LC meals). Be patient and try to track your carbs after every meal. Drink lots of water and communicate. Great to have you here!

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    Hi Susan,

    I'm also a past participant of LCF. Had success on Atkins in the past and I'm back on the bus ready to roll again.

    I wish you well on your journey.


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