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Hello from an old LCF member!

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    Hello from an old LCF member!

    Hi all - glad I found this place, as I've been away from low carbing for quite some time, and when I went to catch up on Low Carb Friends (having been back low carbing for 5 weeks now) - it had gone! I don't know if anyone from there is here, but my username is the same as it was! I started low carbing in 2004, and lost a significant (5 stone) amount of weight, but then lapsed a few times and it gradually crept back on - but I'm coming up to a birthday with a '0' at the end of it next June, so am determined to be back at my fighting weight by then - in fact I've given myself 6 months to make the necessary changes. The first 5 weeks have gone well - I don't weigh myself but I can feel the difference in how clothes fit, and see myself getting smaller, which is nice. I'm not following a particular plan, just eating low carb foods - meat, fish, eggs, cheese, cream and butter, and green leafy veg with some tomatoes and onions - and that's about it. I'm not one for making low carb versions of high carb foods - there's nothing I miss enough to attempt to replicate. I'm housebound, being a 24/7 carer for my 91 yr old Dad, who has dementia and various other health issues, so exercise is a challenge, but I have an exercise bike and am making some use of it though not as much as I should be!. I've also given up alcohol for the 6 months, just because I don't need the extra carbs, and it'll do my liver the world of good

    I'm currently in the UK (as Dad lives here) but 'officially' live in Ireland, with my husband, who I haven't seen for over a year now, due to me not being able to leave Dad, and him not being able to leave our animals - but we do talk several times a day, and we know this won't be forever. So, hello all, looking forward to exploring the forum!

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    HI and welcome
    kick in and chat away

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    Hi Darkginger,

    I'm also a past LCF member. I started there in late 2006 and had success with Atkins, but lost track of my goal and gained the weight all back+.

    I just started at lowcarbsite yesterday. It's nice to see some LCF members.

    Good luck on your journey!


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