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Happy to have found this!

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    Happy to have found this!

    Hi! I'm 37, turning 38 in 5 weeks. Finally found the right food and exercise plan for me as i am now. I used to do low carb diets in my 20s but somehow the very low carb plans don't work like they used to.

    I tried Keto in January but suffered some weird health problems from it. Went vegan with low fodmap foods for a couple months to sort out those issues (which worked) but now i'm done breastfeeding and ready to focus on getting my body back for myself. I posted my journal in that section to keep myself accountable and keep track. My plan now is higher protein, about 45g net carbs a day, lower fat. comes out to 20% carb, 40% protein 40% fat in myfitnesspal, though they don't deduct fiber so it's not all that accurate. I know that it is working and i feel GREAT so I'll stick to it!

    Started 2 weeks ago at 180, now 170. Ultimate goal is 122 for a fitness competition, but a "happy" weight of 135. I wake up every morning for 45 min fasting cardio and I lift 5 days a week mid-morning while my kids are in the gym kid care (godsend)

    Anyway, thanks for being here- I like this outlet


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    well you worked thru it all and found a plan that is working wonderful for you. You feel great and that is so important!! keep rocking it out and I hope fab results come your way!!

    a gym daycare is a godsend I hear ya on being able to entertain them safely while you do your thing with the time you need!!

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