I am (of course) new here.

I weighed 230# forever.
I got sick of so much belly fat and queried the web about low-carb diets... And, what foods are low-carb.
I bought coconut & almond flour, coconut milk, cream cheese, etc. I made my own bread & pancakes. I ate meat, eggs, veggies, etc. I eliminated cokes, breads, pastas, etc.
I ordered protein burgers & omelettes.
In two months I lost 30 pounds. In just another month I lost 20 more. The last 3 months I eat more
but I am now at 171# and maintaining plus or minus 2 pounds.
The low-carb diet really works!
60 pounds lost but never hungry.
I did it on my own
with the help of web posters.
Have others had similar experiences?
This is still amazing to me.

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