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new to this site, but fairly well known at lcf

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    new to this site, but fairly well known at lcf

    it will take a while to get the feel of this site, but I am no stranger to vlc…(very low carb) I want to thank Abigail for liaising with the administrator. i could not get here w/o them. currently, I am doing even fewer carbs than more than 5 net grams du jour, and usually less than that. WHY? owing to my recent accident, no exercise to speak of. no complaints. I am still eating rich and full of fat foods, and LOVING IT, LOVING IT, LOVING IT!!! Love & Profits: FLATFERENGHI

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    Flatferenghi, we are so glad you were able to get in. I saw messages saying you were missed.
    We have several zero or very close to zero carbers here and you are a welcome addition. And We love meat and fat!


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    Welcome to the forums! I remember you from lcf. Sorry you were in an accident and hurt, hope you are feeling better.

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    Hi Flatferenghi - I also remember you from LCF - good to 'see' you again

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