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    Today marks 1 week 1 day since I started low carb (under 20) high fat diet.
    I have researched and tracked daily everything I'm eating and have a carb/fat/protein APP so I stay on top of things and for the life of me I can't seem to get into ketosis.
    I did this 20 years ago and it happened within the standard 3 days. I don't want to give up but I am tired of eating fatty foods and feeling like nothings happening except - well - getting fat!

    I'm in the "moderate" phase of ketosis.... have been there for days.

    Two questions.
    1) Any idea why this is not working for me?
    2) Can there be any weight loss before I'm in total 100% ketosis?

    Thanks. I'm getting frustrated but I really want this to work.

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    Hi JSKnox,
    Welcome. I am glad you came here to ask your question.

    I must be frustrating when something that worked so well 20 years ago does not seem to be working today.

    First, your body is different now and what happened 20 years ago may not happen the same now.

    We also do not have enough information.

    How are you testing for ketosis? Do you have any of the low carb flu symptoms? We also need a full menu. But here is something to read - maybe you are getting too much protein or have hidden carbs.

    This article is from here

    and here is the next one on how much protein to eat to stay in ketosis

    I love the Diet Doctor blog. I hope this helps.
    Why you’re not in ketosis

    May 16 2017 by Bjarte Bakke in Experiment, Ketosis

    As the COO of Diet Doctor and low-carb enthusiast for years, you would have thought I’d nailed ketosis years ago. I haven’t, and here’s why.Am I still in ketosis?

    To get into ketosis, the most important thing is to eat maximum 20 grams of digestible carbs per day. When I went low carb in 2012, I followed that advice to the letter – replacing all high-carb foods like potatoes, bread, rice, pasta, legumes, fruit, juice, soda, and candy, with eggs, dairy, meat, vegetables, fats and berries – counting every carb I consumed.
    I felt great – effortless weight loss, no stomach issues, tons of energy and inspiration.
    But over time, something changed – I no longer felt as great as I used to. Until recently, I had no idea why.
    The journey to find out started with a simple question: Am I still in ketosis?
    The moment of truth

    At a Diet Doctor dinner a while ago, our CTO, Johan, gently challenged me. “Bjarte, you’re eating quite a lot of protein. Have you measured your ketones lately?”.
    “No”, I said, feeling slightly defensive, “I’ve never measured my ketones. Should I?”.
    It was wake-up time.
    Johan and I grabbed two blood-ketone meters from a dusty drawer, pricked a finger each, and touched the ketone strips. His results came out first – 3.0 mmol/L – optimal ketosis. He looked happy.
    How could I not be in ketosis?

    It was my turn. The ketone meter made a weird beeping sound and the screen started blinking – 0.0 mmol/L – no ketosis whatsoever.
    What?! I’d been eating strict low carb for years, how could I not be in ketosis? I felt slightly embarrassed, but mainly relieved. Was this the reason I no longer felt great?
    Experiment 1: Eating less than 60 grams of protein a day

    Several of my colleagues agreed with Johan – I was eating too much protein. To test that hypothesis, I started a 10-day-protein-reduction experiment in April, eating a maximum of 60 grams of protein a day (down from around 80-120). This sucked, as I love eggs, cheese and meat.
    What I ate

    Here’s an example of what I ate in a day during the experiment:
    – Lots of broccoli
    – Lots of spinach
    – A fair bit of of cream
    – A fair bit of butter and olive oil
    – About 150 grams of ground beef (27 grams of protein)
    – 2 eggs (13 grams of protein)
    – A few raspberries
    – A few squares of 86% chocolate
    – A few brazil nuts
    – 2 cups of coffee
    Around 40-45 grams of protein, mainly from meat and eggs.
    The results

    Protein wasn’t the problem.

    Having eaten strictly low carb AND low protein for ten days, I pricked my middle finger and put my blood on the keto strip.
    Beeeeep! The screen was blinking – 0.0 mmol/L. Nothing. No ketosis whatsoever.
    My colleagues and I had been wrong – too much protein wasn’t the culprit.
    Experiment 2: Eating less than 20 grams of carbs a day

    It was time to test my carb intake – was I really eating less than 20 grams a day?
    The experiment:
    – eat a maximum of 20 grams of carbs a day for a week,
    – keep my protein intake at maximum 60 grams a day,
    – only make food at home,
    – count carbs properly by weighing everything I eat and drink, and calculate my daily digestible-carb intake using Diet Doctor’s visual low-carb guides,
    – document everything.
    I was ready – the carb-counting could begin.
    How many carbs was I eating?

    Am I eating less than 20 grams of carbohydrate a day?

    Day one was my calibration day. Eating more or less like I had done lately, how many carbs would that add up to? I was in for a surprise.What I ate on day one:
    – 400 grams of broccoli (16 g carbs)
    – 200 grams of cream (6 carbs)
    – 150 grams bacon (1.5 g carbs)
    – 4 eggs (2 g carbs)
    – 150 grams of spinach (1.5 g carbs)
    – 5 raspberries (1 g carbs)
    – 1 square (1 cm x 1 cm) of 86% chocolate (1 g carb)
    – 4 brazil nuts (0.5 g carbs)
    – 75 grams of butter (0.5 g carbs)
    – 2 cups of coffee (0 g carbs)
    30 grams of digestible carbs, 50% more than recommended.
    I couldn’t believe my own stupidity. This must be the reason I’m not in ketosis, I thought.
    Eating less than 20 grams

    For the next three days, I ate less than 20 grams of carbs by reducing my vegetable and cream intake, still keeping my protein intake below 60 grams.
    Here’s what I ate on April 21st – the day before I was going to measure my ketones again:
    – 100 grams of cream (3 g carbs)
    – 60 grams of tomato sauce (2 g carbs)
    – 150 grams of butter (1.5 g carbs)
    – 2 eggs (1 g carbs)
    – 100 grams of spinach (1 g carbs)
    – 5 raspberries (1 g carb)
    – 1 square (1 cm x 1 cm) of 86% chocolate (1 g carbs)
    – 4 brazil nuts (0.5 g carbs)
    – 200 grams of ground beef (0 g carbs)
    – 2 cups of coffee = 0 g carbs
    = 11 grams of digestible carbs.
    Game on.

    On April the 22nd, at 07:52 am, I pricked my finger, touched the ketone strip, and waited. It was now or never.

    For the last two days I’d felt the typical symptoms of getting into ketosis, dry mouth and increased thirst for example. But, getting the confirmation felt great – blood doesn’t lie.
    I continued to eat like this for about a week. Every morning, as soon as I woke up, I would measure my ketones, and every morning I would be in ketosis.
    It had been the carbs all along.
    Count the carbs

    You must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest person to fool. (R. Feynman)

    I’ve been in ketosis for a few weeks now and it feels great. I’m delighted to be back.Do you want to stay in ketosis? Then count your carbs – at least every now and then.
    The first principle is that you must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest person to fool.

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    Thanks so much.
    Sadly - I THINK I'm following all that to a T.
    I HAVE gone through a bit of the flu - - well achy and headache about 4 days in.
    I'll give you yesterday's menu - it's pretty typical.
    I have a APP that counts my carbs AND I always check the nutritional information to verify. I think ONE day this whole week I went 1 gram over.
    I DO get leafy greens in often just not yesterday. BUT zero-<3 carbs stuff.

    4 slices bacon - o carbs
    2 eggs scrambled w/ heavy whipping cream - 3 g carb

    Hamburger no bun - o carbs

    6 oz salmon cooked in coconut oil - o carbs
    1 celery stick - 1 g carbs

    Couple big chunks of colby cheese - no carbs

    2 Michelob Ultra Lights - - - 5.2 g carbs (COULD THAT BE IT? Every where I've looked I'm told alcohol shouldn't be a factor if I'm staying BELOW the 20 grams)


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    This looks really good, but I have a suggestion. After you start weighing or measuring, see if you are losing. If not, then stop the beer for a month. It does cause some to not lose.

    Start a journal. These conversations should be in your journal. If you come up with a name, I can move them over.

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    So just to be sure I understand you - - - I shouldn't assume I'm not losing just because according to the strips I have not gone into full blown ketosis yet?

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    Right, as a matter of fact, you should stop checking. Your body may not be releasing the ketones that show up on the strip, but using them for energy instead. You should be in a deep ketosis that would only show with a ketosis blood meter, or breath tester. I have done both and that is the way I test now.

    This is a very good article and I think I will post it in this forum.

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    Thanks Aradasky!
    I'm so glad I found this forum.

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