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Loat 31lbs since last july but now on a plateau. on 1200 cals a day and 50-75g carbs

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    Loat 31lbs since last july but now on a plateau. on 1200 cals a day and 50-75g carbs

    Hi, my name is Brenda. I have been following a 1200cals a day and 50-75g carbs a day diet since last July, It has been slow going, but now I am at a complete standstill. I have lost 31lbs up to now, nothing for the last 3 weeks, keep going up and down the same 1lb.
    Any ideas out there?

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    Hi Brenda, WELCOME, I am glad you are here.

    31 pounds lost! CONGRATULATIONS! I would like to know a bit more, it sounds like you are tracking and that is very good. How much do you weigh and how much are you trying to lose?

    This may not be a true stall, it just may be your body readjusting to its new metabolism. First of all, I would stop weighing right now, it just gets you upset as stressed because it does not seem to be working. Give yourself a month, at least. Measure your waist, thighs and upper arms, once a week; see if you are losing there.

    ADD FAT!!!!! Many on Low Carb are still not eating enough fat. LOWER your carbs to 20 or even lower for at least a week.

    Here are a few other things to look at,

    I hope this helps.

    Please keep in touch and let is know how you are doing.

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    I think also it is not a true stall. Your body does have to adapt. Keep on doing what you are doing and I bet sooner than later now some more lbs will go down!

    Awesome job so far!! You are doing something very right for yourself so hold strong thru the delays in getting down the scale.

    Like Arlene says I would up the protein a bit and lower the carbs a bit. Might shake ya up a bit Great job!

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