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What Are We Eating For 2018 ??

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    Steve I sure get some places are dependent on snow for economics. That snow means tourism and can sustain a town easily. We are polar opposite being southern nothing relies on snow here, in fact we go economic melt down cause everything comes to a standstill here LOL We have like 1 snow plow between NC and SC and we have to share it, well, more than that but we are not snow equipment equipped and everything shuts down big time here. I know your village is singing, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

    Hope that cold doesn't linger and she gets better fast. Thing with those head colds is you get so tired. That don't want to move feeling and resting thru the day is best.

    today is fasting til dinner
    cheeseburger patty later

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    SOUP TIME...
    Time to make another soup in the slow cooker using vegetables and stock....
    I used to live to eat......... Now I eat to live.....
    Even a Fish wouldn't get into trouble if it would only keep its mouth shut..
    Originally weighed 358...... 205 as of May 2016....... Still 205 as of March 2018..

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    ahh, soup is a winter comfort meal for sure!

    fasting til dinner time again, am doing very well on one meal per day. very easy to do.

    dinner, hmm, steak? or crab legs? which way will I roll? not sure, lol but either one I choose will be delish.

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