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New to the group but not to Atkins

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    New to the group but not to Atkins

    Dear all,

    Happy Holiday Season to all of you. I thought I'd join this group after reading many of your great recent posts. I could use some motivation and to feel part of team working together with a common goal for better health and weight for all. I'm not new to low carb dieting, my preference is the Atkins diet. I was always very skinny growing up until I hit my early 20's and started to get chunky at 130 pounds at only 5.2 inches tall. I lost 25 pounds when I was 22 on Atkins and was a size 4 for many years until I had kids and went up to a size 18 and was close to 190 pounds. With each pregnancy, I lost 60 pounds (3 different times) with the Atkins diet. I tried the HCG diet in my 40's and lost even more weight and got to 125 pounds. I kept if off for a few years but now as we sit her today I'm close to 150 pounds and not happy. I'm back to my good old faithful low carb Atkins diet and I feel great. I have a lot more energy and more positive outlook, its amazing how a diet can have such a profound impact on your mind not just your body. I work full time and I'm married with 3 teenage boys. My life style is crazy busy and always running somewhere. The key it prepare in advance your meals. I'm an extreme dieter and when I'm not dieting I go all out, I can lose the weight the challenge has been to keep it off and not gain it back. As you get older, it does come off slower.

    I'm open to any advise and look forward to reading all your posts.

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    Hi Lisa!!! It sounds like you have tried a few diets and have come back to the one that makes you feel the best. Here is a list of good blogs to read when you get a chance. The more you know the better you do.

    I suggest you start a journal where you can track what you eat, keep all your discussions and chat. We are a friendly group here and welcome you being here!


Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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