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Is your fasting blood glucose higher on low carb or keto? Five things to know

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    Is your fasting blood glucose higher on low carb or keto? Five things to know

    I love Diet Doctor. He is a Swedish doctor who started low carb himself, did tons of research and is now converting all of Sweden to low carb! (Or tying to! LOL )

    Those of us who are (I am now a used to have but donít have anymore) type 2 diabetic are very used to taking our glucose readings first thing in the mornings and are surprised by what seems high readings. Here is why. If you need to take them, take them during the day, after meals. Actually, the best thing is to only look at the A1c. That is where your real numbers show themselves. There are reasons the fasting number has high, however INSULIN IS NOT ACTIVATED and that is the BEST thing of all!!!!

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    Heya. I happened to see this in my feed, and I thought I'd give my $0.02 as a former hypoglycemic. My blood sugar did go up on keto. Before I made the switch, the highest blood sugar reading I'd ever seen for myself was 70, and that was when I was 18. When I was in my early 30s (and very under-treated for hypothyroidism) I once had a blood sugar reading of 40. The blood draw was at 2PM, 2 hours after I'd eaten lunch.

    The last 2 blood sugar readings I've had have been roughly 83 and 86. The former was fasted and before a surgery. The other was between meals in the afternoon.

    Not only is my blood sugar up because of keto, it's stable. No more reactive hypoglycemic crashes.

    My A1C is at the very bottom of range. I've never been diabetic, though.

    Keto has fixed a lifetime of hypoglycemia for me.

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