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Why do you have to EAT fat to LOSE fat!

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    Why do you have to EAT fat to LOSE fat!

    STOP being afraind of good FAT!!!

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    I was just reading more about this in the Obesity Code book by Dr. Jason Fung. He explained that when we eat carbs, our blood sugar goes up and our insulin level also goes up. We have pretty much all been told this, and that is why the low carb foods.
    However, when we eat proteins, our blood sugar stays the same; but we still release insulin, and our insulin goes up.
    The only food that does not affect either insulin or blood sugars to any extent, is fat.
    The original Atkins Diet was pretty much fine with people eating fatty foods, but when they revamped it and came out with the new Atkins Diet plan, they were more trying to incorporate the low fat idea into it, and suggested lean meats instead of fatty meats and lots of cream cheese and other similar foods.
    It became more of a high protein diet than a high fat diet, which actually worked better at first because we got full faster, ate less, and didn’t stimulate insulin by eating lots of lean meats.
    In order to lower our setpoint, we have to lower our insulin level, and keep it consistently lowered until the setpoint can reset at a lower weight.

    I have been reading about something called a “fat fast”, and that is basically kind of a fast except that you can eat food as long as it is about 90% fat.
    Of course, no one wants to sit and eat fat, so we have to have something with it, and it can’t be protein or you are not fasting.
    The information suggested foods that are low calorie, like greens, salads, and some veggies (broccoli or cauliflower, etc.)
    I decided to try that for a day or so and see how it goes, so today I had a green salad with vinegar and oil dressing, and avocado. It is low enough calorie that I was still basically fasting, and what I ate was almost all fat, and only a little carb and protein.
    So far, I am feeling pretty full, and this will be my only food for the day.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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