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New member seeking help with metabolic resistance

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    New member seeking help with metabolic resistance

    Hi all. New member here. I've been on a low-carb diet, under close medical supervision, for a year and 9 months. I was normal weight until I had 3 kids and a divorce, at which time my tendency to eat under stress really got out of hand. I got into the low-carb thing when I realized I had gained so much weight that I weighed 70 (! Yes, 70) pounds more than I did when I was 9 months pregnant with twins. Even with that realization, I didn't get the motivation going until my A1C slipped up over 7 and I became officially diabetic. I chose the diet (Dr Gann's Diet of Hope) because 1) my PCP recommended it and 2) my insurance covered it (a very important consideration for those of us in the 99 percent).

    At first I did great, and was very pleased--I got to 6 pounds below my 9-months-pregnant-with-twins weight and was no longer diabetic. Also, my blood pressure, which had been a problem for at least a decade BEFORE I gained weight, was normal. When I started Dr Gann's diet I was taking 3 medications to control my BP, and now I take only 1, and a very much reduced amount of that. So--all good.

    Then, after about 9 months on the diet, my weight loss slowed. I expected that, so wasn't concerned at first. That lasted about 6 months. Then I started gaining. I now weigh 8 pounds more than my pregnant-with-twins weight (a milestone that remains constantly in my mind). This wouldn't surprise me if I hadn't been staying on the diet. But I haven't changed anything. I eat the same things I was eating when the weight was falling off so fast I could hardly keep up with the wardrobe changes I needed. Why?? This was the question I asked everybody at Dr Gann's office.

    I received many answers, many of them contradictory. Major stress in my life (over about 7 months I lost 2 beloved dogs, my beloved mother, and my somewhat-less-beloved car), resulting in metabolic resistance to the diet--this is what most likely I'm experiencing. I have joked for years that my body is convinced there's a famine coming and that it thinks it must hang on to every ounce it can, to be prepared for lean times to come. Now I feel like my body is saying to me "Okay, you fooled me for a while, but I'm on to you now. You can't trick me into giving up my precious fat ANY MORE!" (You can add in the diabolical cackling for yourself.)

    Frustrated, I looked on the Infallible Internet for answers. And I found the Fat Fast, along with Bulletproof Coffee, carb-free chocolates, etc. What I don't understand, and can't find authoritative answers for, is the question of the dangers of staying on the fat fast too long, and what symptoms might be experienced by a person who has stayed on it too long.

    I've tried the fast and I've seen that I do go into ketosis, but only after at least 2 days, and as soon as I go off it I'm no longer shedding ketones. And then I start gaining weight again.

    Now here's the real issue: yesterday at work I was fat-fasting and by the of the day I felt really lousy. Very tired and almost dizzy. When I got home I tested my blood sugar and that was 101--so this was not a low-blood-sugar thing. Then I tested my BP and it was 153/89--not good.

    Is this the sort of dangerous thing that happens with fat fasting? I should mention that I've had a pacemaker for 3.5 years (2 years before I started the diet) and there's a major history of heart disease in my family. Is the fat fast dangerous for heart conditions? Anybody know?

    Thank you all for being there.

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    Hi Pandafish. Welcome.

    Whew, you have had a tough time, no wonder you turned to comfort food.

    You are asking some questions that I might be able to help you with, HOWEVER, I am not in the medical field and I don't think the internet is a place to answer some of your concerns.

    But, lets get started with what we can. For now, Stop the fat fast and eat normally until we get more information.

    First, I am not familiar with Dr. Gann's Diet of Hope. I went to the website and it says it is a low carb, portion controlled diet. Can you give me an example of maybe two or three days of what is normal for you to eat? What your portion sizes are? How many times a day you eat and the hours of your meals? Do you have the nutrition information for the meals--% of fat, carbs, protein and calories? That way maybe we can find a way to tweak it.

    Second, many do go into a stall. Even Dr Atkins recognized that and that is why he developed the Fat Fast. He told his patients not to go over three days on it. It was supposed to kickstart losing again.

    Third, ketosis is our magic tool on low carb because it takes our hunger away. However, too much low carb, very low carb, even zero carb food can cause weight gain. The loss of hunger is why we like low carb over low calorie diets.

    I am sure you know all this, you have gone through a very formulated training and have been followed by a doctor's office. So they should know the answers! Right? Sure..... We won't know more about the above until you give us more information.

    Now, about the blood pressure, pacemaker and blood pressure. I cannot even go close to that, other than to say, you should talk to your cardiologist and have she/he follow you at least when you try something new. The research says that low carb reduces insulin in our body. Insulin causes inflammation (believe me, when I eat carbs/sugar, my arthritis HURTS!) and inflammation is a big factor in heart disease.

    After we get more information, we can suggest several paths you can try, one is fasting, intermittant and longer. There is a lot of reading for you to do, but first, lets see what you are eating.

    Maybe we can get you losing again, while you are still being followed by Dr Gann's office.

    NOW, go here Figure out a good name for your journal and start a thread. You don'e even have to write the first entry, you have done that here. I can move this conversation over there and it will be a great place to keep conversation going.

    Again, I am glad you felt comfortable enough to come in and ask. I hope we can help!
    I am Arlene and Dr Mary Vernon says it best for me. I used to stand under my plum tree waiting for the fruit to ripen and fall, now I stand near a coconut tree.
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Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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