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KetoGeo's Journey into Ketosis and Beyond

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    Awwwww, yeah... Used thighs instead of breasts and Lawryís instead of Tonyís. Damn, itís good. Itís meat coated in meat and fried in fat.

    Sweetheart did the frying, and he said he had a hard time with putting the chicken in a bag with the seasonings and shaking it up. He said everything just got kinda wet. Result was crumbs didnít stick to the chicken very well. Maybe cuz we used thighs instead of tenders. Anyway, next time weíll be using a shallow dish and refilling with crumbs as we go.

    And I plan to add almond flour to the process. I was taught to dredge meat in seasoned flour before dredging it in egg when prepping to fry.

    Next time we will have mastery.

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    So, long story short, I have to get my surgery done here. Because insurance.

    So, Iím going to see surgeon #3. This is about as bad as trying to get the first surgery.

    Luckily, we decided surgeon #2 was pretty okay. The only problem there was that my only option with him was a cadaver graft. He and surgeon #1 are both of the opinion that my graft is torn. Iím of the opinion that if I truly did manage to tear a patellar tendon, Iím damn sure not going to take a chance with cadaver tissue, which has a high tear / failure rate compared to oneís own tendons.

    So, long story short, surgeon #3 is surgeon #2ís colleague. I was referred with a vote of confidence that surgeon #3 is ďOCDĒ about his surgeries.

    Itís looking like we can compromise on hamstring tendon, although quad has always been my preference. Iím still going to push for quad. Weíll see.

    Iíve also pretty much decided Iím rehabbing myself at this point. I may have a visit with the clinic down the road if I have an issue, but if Iím the only one touching my knee, this damn graft oughta last longer than 3 months.

    Iím bitter. Can ya tell?

    Everything else is going well. My lifting program is killing me. I just bumped on chest day, which is my day 1 of each week. That was Sunday, and the soreness is just now starting to subside.

    Iím eating a bit more lately. This business will make you damn hungry. In fact, I realized yesterday rather suddenly that Iím bulking. Itís okay. Iíve avoided it in the past because Iíve been apprehensive of the fat that comes with the muscle. Iím starting to realize, though, that Iíll never get the pec and back muscles that I really want while chronically in a calorie deficit.

    Iím trying not to stress over scale weight, but it is staying remarkably steady. Iím okay with that. Plateau is actually desirable with my current goals. Iím forced to not try to make the number go down. I really have been weighing myself pretty infrequently lately. And seeing the same small range of numbers each time is reassuring.

    Still keeping the carbs rock bottom. Iím down to 2 coffees a day, and that helps. Went back to CarbManager here and there to make sure Iím still on track. Going over my calorie goal bugs me. I need to find a good calculator to adjust it.

    Hope youíre all doing well and kicking ass.

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    This surgeon will be revising my ACLR with hamstring tendon. Heíll also be removing scar tissue and doing any needed meniscus repair on the off chance that he sees any damage. All if these things are exactly what I want.

    Still waiting to schedule.

    I got my first migraine in 2 weeks this morning. The weather is changing aging, getting colder. The good news is I canít remember the last time I went 2 weeks with no headache. Probably 10+ years ago.

    And it was fairly mild. Because thereís no chance itís a rebound headache from medication overuse, I went ahead and took high-dose aspirin and acetaminophen with my coffee, sort of like high-powered Excedrin but with less caffeine. I was stunned about 30 minutes later to realize that my headache is truly gone. And no hangover. So grateful for that.

    It looks like strict keto (<10 net carbs/day) with a heavy lifting program is a very potent preventive program for me for migraine prevention. As soon as possible after surgery, I will go back to my lifting even if I have to do it from bed.

    Heck, Iím even still incredibly functional even though my hormones should be killing me about now. I really hope thatís because I decided not to take a break from lifting this month. Unfortunately, I am having to lower the weight that Iím lifting because I get weak around this time. Being female is a real bitch sometimes.

    So, Iím off to start my day. Hope youíre all doing well! Happy low carbing!

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    Iím never getting surgery. Jesus, this latest surgeonís office is a nightmare. Long story short, I canít seem to get on the damn surgery schedule.

    Iím going to try another surgeon probably Monday. Itís raining like crazy today. This will be surgeon #6 this year. I have to get yet another copy of my MRI disc (#3) and probably take yet another set of x-rays (#3 or 4?) if I get an appointment because the current surgeonís office kept my discs ďjust in caseĒ for the morning of surgery. Which I canít get them to schedule.

    IF I get an appointment. I have to drive 30 miles out to the next surgeonís office with my MRI disc to fill out a request for my records so they can fax my surgeon in Houston and request my records. THEN if this dude decides he wants to take me on as a patient, then I have to try to get an appointment with him at a reasonable time.

    The healthcare system here is the biggest damn joke. Theyíre looking at my MRI (which I had to go to the Houston surgeon to even get) and telling me how jacked my knee is. The current surgeon told me the area below my kneecap thatís so painful has a bunch of scar issue back there. The word he used was ďgristleĒ. My graft has been hanging on by one little piece of tendon. If Iím walking, Iím hurting.

    And I canít seem to get a damn surgery.

    Iím either going to need to get on Valium or start drinking heavily to cope, I swear.

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    I hope this gets resolved and you get the treatment you need! It sounds so frustrating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cervyn View Post
    I hope this gets resolved and you get the treatment you need! It sounds so frustrating.
    Thanks, Cervyn. I sure hope so, too.

    I hadnít anticipated this much grief getting surgery when theyíre all pointing out on my MRI how messed up my knee is.

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    Hey all! Iím alive!

    Been a busy bee! Had ACL revision with hamstring autograft on Dec 11. Happy to have it out of the way! Knee is alright. Been sore and poofy the last few days, so Iím taking it a little easy. You can do that when you therapy yourself. Doing pool today. It responds super well to that.

    Diet is still going great. Still power lifting. Iíve dropped more weight, and Iím hovering around normal BMI now. I still want to lose more, but itís so good to be in the 130s again! Havenít seen these numbers in years! Iím stalling a little, and my weight is flip-flopping around in about a 3lb range, but Iím okay with that. When my body adjusts, I believe Iíll go down more.

    My clothes are fitting great. And I eat like a pig! Iím actually bulking right now. Slowly putting some muscle on my chest, which is HARD. Some day I wonít be able to feel ribs where they meet my sternum.

    Hope youíre all well!

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