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Kefir for probiotics on low-carb.

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    Kefir for probiotics on low-carb.

    Kefir is a cultured milk product similar to yogurt; but it is drinkable, and is the best source of probiotics you can have. Probiotics are necessary for good digestion, and also for our immune system.
    Milk has about 11 carbohydrate grams per cup, kefir has 9, and plain Greek yogurt has 6. I sometimes have a cup of yogurt if I have enough carbs left to do that.
    With kefir, I only use part of a cup, usually under a half cup, which helps to keep the carbs down. I make my own salad dressings, and I use kefir in ranch dressing and blue cheese dressing. My husband won't touch either yogurt or kefir, but he happily pours blue cheese dressing on his salads, so he gets some probiotics that way.
    Does anyone else use kefir, and if so; do you make your own, and how do you use it in your diet ?

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    My daughter is a Price Weston nutritionist and fully believes in kefir. She has her family on fermented food everyday, at every meal and kefir is a part of their day. She makes her own and also yogurt. The way they eat is very much Paleo.

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