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fast food options?

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    fast food options?

    i normally do my own cooking and i make bulk batches so i can slowly eat it over a course of a week, but every now and again, my friends want to go see a movie or go eat out and i was wondering where do you guys like to go to stay on track with low-carbing. there are the staples such as ordering a steak and veggies forgoing the potatoes, but what about food court options? i'm just getting tired of ordering burgers without buns and salads without crutons.

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    I can go almost anywhere as Long as I do not mind questioning the waiter/waitress. I make sure I do not order any meat that is breaded, or has a sugary sauce on it. I never order a potato or rice. If needed, I ask for just the meat. If it is a plain steak, I often ask for extra butter to put on it. Or butter for my veges.

    My hubby and I often go to Outback and I find a lot to eat there.

    Food courts? For me, the option might be a small pizza and eating only the toppings, an antipasta salad, or shell-less tacos or tortilla-less burritos. Ask for the ingredients in a bowl. Subway sandwiches have a lot inside- ask for no bread.

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    Chick-Fil-A has a low carb menu. They wrap the grilled chicken sandwich in lettuce. You have to ask for it "protein style". If you Google your favorite restaurants asking for low carb menus you can find one for many.

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    virtually any eatery has acceptable foods for us. No one says a burger has to be on a bun or a steak must have a potato. When near a Mc D's I like the Southwestern salad with grilled chicken. It is higher in carbs so that is the entire day for me. Can add a burger to that as well... yes, most places can provide the carb counts and that can be done in advance. Lots of fast foods like DENNY's have great omelettes all the time! ENJOY

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    I always carry some nuts around with me too. The only problem with being keto and low carb is the weird looks you get.

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    Make sure if you go to IHOP for breakfast that you ask them to make your omelette or scrambled eggs with freshly cracked eggs. They add pancake batter to their omelette mixture and scrambled egg mixture to make it fluffier. This was told to me by a couple of people I know who have worked there.

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    For me, I don't like fast foods a lot. But sometimes with some of my friends I eat.

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