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Allow me a question or two. . .

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    Allow me a question or two. . .

    I am a week into prehistoric Atkins induction.

    I have absolutely no problem living without breads, pasta, sweets, carbs in general.
    I was always the guy that preferred extra meatloaf to having desert.

    However I worry about my daily Lg McDonalds coffee with 5 cream and 5 splenda.
    I don't care about the caffeine intake, I accept whatever downside comes with that.
    Best online info I can find says the creamers are carb free, and the splenda packets have <1 gram carbs.

    How do 'yall' view Less than 1 gram? You count half a gram each? Count a whole gram each? Stay away totally?
    Any ideas for a better sweetener than the Splenda?

    AND on a slightly related topic, are all sugars equal?
    Meaning, is a gram of sugars in a bratwurst, the same as a gram of sugars in ketchup? The same as the Splenda?

    Thanks in advance!


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    A carb count is a carb count.
    If it says less than', I count it as one. Better safe for me.

    Sweetleaf Stevia is 0 carb. Guilt free. I had to get used to the switch from splenda but I'm good now.

    And if you are really brave, add butter or coconut oil in your coffee for those added Good Fats!! Sounds crazy but its sooo good.
    mmm and Heavy cream!!

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    Good morning, Matic,

    Good questions Here is some info on the creamers

    They both say basically the same thing. If you use 5 containers, count it as 3 carbs, just to be safe. Heavy whipping cream is hte best but not easily portable.

    The sweetener has carbs bacause they put a powder in with it to keep it form caking. If you can take your own sweetener, you can use this for zero carbs. YOu can stick one of these in your pocket or car to add to your coffee.

    I personally do not like the taste of stevia in any way, shape or form so I go for Splenda when I use sweetners. Now there is a big discussion on Artificial Sweeteners. Some say they actually make a person hungrier. Some say they cause a release of insulin. All I know is I lost my weight using them and with all the changes I made to my eating, that was/is the one thing I did not want to give up, my sweetened coffee.

    And yes, even though a carb may be in a protein, like a sausage (sugar added maybe?) they do the same thing in our bodies. The only difference is how fast they act. Pure sugar gets into our blood in high-speed. Vegetable carbs may take a bit longer, but all cause a reaction that increases insulin.

    How are you doing after one week?

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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