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Body Image - Do we need to investigate ourselves more?

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    Body Image - Do we need to investigate ourselves more?

    I wondered about body image, the need to reach a number on a scale.

    Oh my gosh, I just found this.
    It really speaks to me and my decision.

    More on Body Image.

    Your thoughts?

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    Absolutely. Body image is determined by what we see in the media, and it is absolutely the wrong way to go about trying to be more healthy. One of the downfalls of America, is our glutinous nature. If one is good, three must be better. If being 120lbs is good, then 110lbs has to be more ideal. Ultimately, health should be approached from a longevity point of view, or more of a functional point of view. The obsession over "losing weight", and becoming "thin" stems from the marketing machine that is America. Someone is always trying to sell u something, to make their company more profitable. Diet is no different. "Paleo" is being so overused, just as "gluten free" has been over the years. Everyone is trying to sell their dogmas...."don't eat dairy", "don't eat starches", etc....when it should really be more about understanding the macros from a biochemical standpoint. That way, u educate urself, and don't have to "buy in" to what yet another corporation is trying to sell u. I believe u are then also a lot more likely to make real lifestyle changes. So my bottom line.......learn the biochem, learn to decipher lab blood work.

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