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Betrayed! Liars!

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    Betrayed! Liars!

    I had been successfully low carbing for years when a friend told me about new low carb foods I hadn't tried before, specifically low carb pasta by Dreamfields.

    Slowly I added more and more of all the new low carb items that were sprouting up in the grocery store. Slowly, I began to struggle with a yo-yo body. I thought I was eating right, but ever so slowly the pounds crept back. I went up a size but told myself I was getting older, my metabolism was probably slowing down...

    Then I found out Dreamfields is a fraud. The whole low-carb label is not regulated by the FDA. OMG, we have eaten so much of their product over the last couple of years!!! It was like eating regular pasta, no wonder my low carbing wasn't working.

    Back to to tru low carbing. I've lost 10 lbs in the first week and feel like I am reclaiming myself. Still, I am angry about the diabetic friends I encouraged to try this product. Dreamfields people should be ashamed of themselves. JERKS! Dang I have so struggled with this, had to buy bigger clothes, etc.

    thanks for for letting me vent! I'm not buying anymore so-called low carb packaged food!

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    Good for you! The only way to truly know if something's legit, is to read reviews from the test groups that monitor supermarkets and companies making claims that their products are specifically geared to a certain lifestyle.

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    Yes, Even the Atkins site is selling what I call junk. How are we supposed to learn how to eat real foods when they even are selling Atkin's M&Ms?
    First there is a peanut inside!
    Next the ad says it is good for ALL phases of Atkins.

    The Atkins bars are so like candy bars it is super easy to over indulge.

    Antoher place not to shop is Julien bakery.

    If you want bread, make Oopsies

    or muffins in a minute

    If you crave noodles, spiralize veggies.

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    DREAMFIELDS was and is quite a controversial product. when i did consume it, I NEVER ate in excess of the suggested portion size, and it never stalled me. I am surprised that there are no litigations against them. in any case, I shall not consume it again, until I get to goal weight, and comfortably on maintenance. Love & Profits: FLATFERENGHI

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