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New to Low Carb Lifestyle in South Charlotte NC area

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    Question New to Low Carb Lifestyle in South Charlotte NC area

    Just wanted to say hi! New to low carb lifestyle and this forum. Have lost 7 pounds in the past 3 weeks (5 week one and 1 each weeks 2 and 3). I strictly followed induction and have not cheated. I feel like it is going very slow and the weight is not 'melting off' as some people rave about. I am 5'4" and started at 163 and am currently 156. My goal weight is 140. I am 50 yrs old and have put on about 25 pounds in the past 5 years, which is what I am trying to lose with Atkins. Although I have a sweet tooth and love salty or chocolaty snacks, I am finding that this diet is not as hard as I thought it would be. My sugar cravings have been minimal. My question is..."If I have a cheat day for a special occasion, would that put me out of ketosis and force me back to induction?" I plan on being good on Thanksgiving but I love to bake and may want to to sample my pies!

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    Hi Blessed, Welcome.

    I am glad you have found that this way of eating is working for you. It is not only for weight loss but also for a much healthier you for the rest of your life. There are those who will tell you not to cheat. There is a danger fo going back to eating a lot of carbs and some find it very difficult to come back. A guilty feeling of "I have cheated so I will just forget the whole thing." You have to decide where you are in your process.

    You do not have a lot to lose so the loss may be slow but if you want more info and have us take a look at what you are eating, you should start a journal so you can ask questions, have answers at hand and track intake if needed.

    Holidays and special occasions. I know I am not one to stop eating Low Carb High Fat but I do allow some carbs on special occasions. I have done a lot of experimenting and know that if I eat more than about 70 carbs I am outof ketosis. This will cause a slight weight gain, and if it is a large number of carbs, maybe leg cramps at night. It takes me about four days to get back into ketosis and I do that by staying less than or at about 30 net carbs. That is about all I eat anyway.

    So, yes, if you eat pie and potatoes and stuffing, you will break ketosis. But you can get back into it and lose the extra water in about four days. Do not worry about it.

    Again, however....If you lose the weight you want to lose, and go back to eating the way you were before with lots of carbs you will regain much of the water and weight you lost.

    I hope this answers your questions.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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    I cheat once a month although it is not recommended. Just one day only. I suggest you wait a little while before doing so. I do this when I am at a plateau. It helps get things going again. I see that a jump start in weight loss about 3 days later in essence of about 2 lbs

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