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    Well after 13 weeks I have come to believe that dairy is the culprit in preventing weight loss. I have only lost 11lbs and I am a bit disappointed and frustrated. I will not give up, but I will continue to learn more about myself. Reading about how people lose 20/30 lbs in a month or 2 leaves me perplexed. Lessons to be learned and there is no going back. I must adjust, experiment and keep asking experts. The good news I am light years further along since dropping grains and going low carb 13 weeks ago ! I fantasize one day to post my success pictures, but until then I will continue taking one meal,one day at a time with positiveness and respect for the wondrous body I am blessed with. With every adversity lies the seeds to a equal or greater opportunity. ONWARDS and FORWARDS....."
    If anyone has advice or reflections I would be happy to hear from you . I have goggled dairy and weight loss and it seems the dairy issue becomes subjective and each person can only find out by self experimentation what works for their particular biochemistry.

    Happy Holidays

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    I suspect that depends on the individual. I find cheese can slow down weight loss for me. But as I mentioned in another thread, I consume a significant amount of heavy cream in my coffee. I go through a quart in roughly 10 days.

    I started using heavy cream in my coffee maybe 6 years ago. A few years back I had a bad experience while traveling and purchased some heavy cream for my hotel room and it came out thick. Although it hadn't gone bad, I couldn't handle it the consistency. That happened one other time too. Not turned but just wrong. I switched to half and half. After that was when I started gaining the most weight. Maybe a coincidence, I don't know. But I switched back to heavy cream this year when I started on this again. It has worked for me.

    I also consider ice cream a high protein food.

    But seriously, I have managed to work an ice cream treat into my weight loss program and still had success. Usually only maybe a scoop a week.

    So everyone is different on how they react to dairy and it may also depend on what you mean by dairy. Cheese stalls things out for me. Until I got to pre-maintenance I really had to watch this.

    Sounds like you have a positive attitude. That is key to long term success. Hang in there. Good luck!

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    Dairy can be a problem, Phil. Many do stall on and find that they continue losing. I am not one, thank goodness, as I do love my cream in my coffee.

    I am beginning to wonder about amounts and calories. Even tho we stick, faithfully, to the list, we can overeat. Too much protein for instance.

    If you list your food for three days to a week, we can help you more. Right now, we are just guessing and that could lead you on to more frustration.
    I am Arlene and Dr Mary Vernon says it best for me. I used to stand under my plum tree waiting for the fruit to ripen and fall, now I stand near a coconut tree.
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