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Hi Low Carb people that live without red wine. I admire you!

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    Cool Hi Low Carb people that live without red wine. I admire you!

    Hello! Just got on here couple days ago. This low carb is harder than I thought and i amazed and proud of all of you who have lost weight here! I'm 48 and some weight has crept on me this year. Im also in menopause. where is my flat stomach? Ive got to get it off because none of my clothes fit and I feel very uncomfortable. I'm dedicated to exercise and into spin and weights, but would love to get my diet under control. I just cant seem to do it. I don't eat a lot of junk food, but I do smack on carbs like pretzels etc. and I 🍷🍷🍷sure do love red wine. The good news is, i love meat. bring it on! ***You can exercise everyday and still gain weight if you eat and drink like a king every night.
    Any advice appreciated!

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    You may have to choose between the pretzels and the wine. I'd choose the wine.

    Are you low-carbing it and if so how strict? I don't think alcohol is considered induction friendly. But I don't drink a lot, so I'm no expert. But if I understand it correctly, if your liver is busy metabolizing the alcohol, it can't be metabolizing the fat. So it stalls that fat burning process.

    When you say spin and weights, are you referring to bicycling? I lift weights, but also do the elliptical and stationary bike every day for an hour. I've done a spinning class before and thinking about taking that up again in the fall. That's hard. I'm sure that is when I will find out if I'm actually in very good shape.

    What I've done though, since I also love red wine, is save the wine for a reward. I have a single serving sample that I've been saving until I hit my pre-maintenance weight. I've hit that, but now I need to find a good day, when I'm not driving or going anywhere, so that I can relax and enjoy it.
    Anyway, welcome aboard and good luck.

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    Thank you LeAnn for your response!
    Well, I'm trying to be strict. Any suggestions are appreciated. I just started this week so it's an adjustment. I ate boiled eggs in the am and a big salad with chicken breast yesterday, some cheese and bacon. I love absolutely love bacon. Then splurged on some sugared walnuts ugh. Ill never get into ketosis.

    Im a social drinker so come the weekend when friends call for my husband and to go out, it will be difficult. It's a habit that will be hard to break, but using that as a reward is a great idea.

    I take spin classes and am actually certified but don't teach. If you are doing all that exercise, you will not have a problem. Give yourself three classes to get use to it. The music and class atmosphere makes it so fun, challenging and great cardio. Problem is I need to mix it up. My body is use to heavy cardio like spin. Going to a new gym with new classes and hope to do more kickboxing etc. and the dreaded weights!
    Have a great day! ��

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    Welcome welcome welcome Runner!!!
    Okay, advice.

    Are you on Atkins? If so, do you have a book? If not, what plan are you following? Are you doing research for menus?

    Exercise had never helped me lose weight. It tones my body, keeps me strong so I can lift my grandsons and suitcase when I travel. It keeps me flexible so I can get down and up from the floor while playing with said grandsons. However, whenever I have a good cardio class or 6 mile walk, I am HUNGRY.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I love to cardio dance (see below) and walk my 6 miles on Sunday mornings. I just do not expect it to make me lose pounds.I tried it for years, and it was when I found Atkins and High Fat and Low Carb, that I lost weight. Reshape me? Yes.

    Cardio dance....
    got to gym, parked a ways away and bounced into the soon to be fully opened, being remodeled lobby. Sprinted up the stairs and laughed along with the other women, waiting for instructor. No warmups.... instant loud, fast rockin' music and bursts of energy until we pant. And sweat. Over and over for 45 funfilled minutes, some even laughed through! Clothes are damper and damper as we continue. Music gets louder. More and more of us start glancing at clock, ONE more song, only one more dance, we can do it! Stretch, breathing slows, heartbeat slows. Hang on to bannister to go downstairs. WHY did I park up hill? Step to 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer--until I finally fall into car...

    Oh yes, I love it.


    Alcohol? Wait until maintenance This is a very good blog post to read...

    Fourth paragraph down
    When it comes to alcohol itself, there’s no reason a low-carber can’t indulge. Alcohol isn’t metabolized as a carbohydrate product, and it doesn’t send your blood sugar shooting upward. (It might actually lower it.) The body sends alcohol to the liver where it becomes first in line as an active energy source rather than stored glycogen. As long as you aren’t looking to lose weight, a modest drink here or there shouldn’t make much of a difference. If you’re looking to lose weight, however, we’d suggest avoiding alcohol all together. "

    I would love it if you started a journal. I found that journaling is so important for understanding this process. Asking questions, watching what happens when you eat certain things or do something different. I also HIGHLY, recommend tracking what you eat and drink. We need to understand what is happening to us here, for most if not all are looking at this as a way to live the rest of our lives, a Way Of Eating(WOE), not a "diet".

    Ask questions, make comments, look for help, give advice for others. We are glad you jumped aboard!

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    if you can, try and ditch the red wine for now, i LOVE wine and happily carried on drinking it while on l/c, but now i want to lose weight it has to go for now, because if you are drinking it as often as i was (between 2 and 5 times a week) then you are not going to lose much. good luck and keep us updated on your progress

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    Thanks so much ladies! Appreciate all the advice and encouragement! You are absolutely right about the exercise, but it's good for my head and makes me a better mom to my 3 teenage girls. Actually doesn't make me hungrier like most thank goodness.
    I will try journaling and I have to buy the Atkins book today. I had it years ago.

    What store bought salad dressing do you use without carbs.
    Goodbye red wine for now ����

    Have a great day and thank you for our replays. Xo erin

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    although i love wine, red, white, and rose-I choose not to imbibe. however, about 4 occasions a year, I DO enjoy a 12 oz portion of Michelob ULTRA, which is 2.6 carb gr for that 12 oz.portion. my next window of opportunity for that treat will be Sept. 23, which is the birthday of the god AVGVSTVS. what a great accompaniment to that 2" thick slab of PORTERHOUSE I will make for that occasion. no low carb bread THAT day. Love & Profits: FLATFERENGHI

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