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Started Today! Favourite Breakfast?

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    I usually don't eat breakfast as I am rarely hungry in the mornings. When I do have something it's usually a 'bulletproof' hot chocolate (sugar free).

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    It all depends on what I have planned for the day. If it's a normal day here I'll either have a Greek yogurt and some fruit, or a couple of low-carb cream cheese muffins that I just LOVE, along with coffee. If we're doing things in the morning, I'll add either some cherry tomatoes & cucumbers, along with some diced chicken breast to the meal, or some leftovers from supper the night before.

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    My usual breakfast is eggs and bacon, but my favourite breakfast is smoked cod (skinless and boneless), pan fried in butter with 2 fried duck eggs, served with Patak's Chilli Pickle. Strange, but true!

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