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After Induction

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    After Induction

    I just went on induction for about 9 weeks and went from 24 to 14 percent body fat, i lost the weight for spring break and my spring break is over now. This diet cost me alot (poor college student) and I want to do a cheaper one. I know you are suppose to gradually go up in carbs, and if you don't you will gain it all back. My question is, is if i keep working out and cardio 5 days a week but i stay on just a normal healthy diet am i still going to put the pounds back on stay the same, or keep losing(goal is to keep losing)? is it that important to gradually go up in carbs or is the weight gaining more for people who cut dieting completely. Any help would be great, thanx!

    side note: I've been pigging out for a week and a half, during spring break and this last past half week and havent seen any gains really, besides maybe some water gain. I'm still worried though.

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    Well said Tril.

    John, it is so hard at your age to not have pizza everytime your buds have it or when you are studing for a test and are hungry. If you want to maintain, remember the rules, do not eat the crust! Eat the toppings. Do not eat the chips! Grab some celery to scoop up the guacamole. Do not eat the crackers, put the slice of salami on the slice of cheese and pop it into your mouth! Order the hamburgers without the buns, you will be surprised how many places wrap them in lettuce for you! Do not eat the loaded baked potato with your steak, instead, add butter to your green beans. Have eggs in the morning instead of cereal (cook some hard boiled eggs to have on hand for busy mornings or a quiche).

    And always remember, calories do count. You think because you are young and your metabolism is raging, that you can eat tons of food. Look around at retired pro sports guys. How many are overwieght because they think they can still eat the way they used to?

    Eat like your great grandfather used to, watch the amounts and you will do well.

    Oh, and get a crockpot. The cheapest cuts of meat have yummy,easy recipes online and create lots of leftovers.
    I am Arlene and Dr Mary Vernon says it best for me. I used to stand under my plum tree waiting for the fruit to ripen and fall, now I stand near a coconut tree.
    "Let me have men about me that are fat, sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights. Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look. He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous." William Shakespeare ++++++++++++ I pray, let me one of the dangerous.

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