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Battleships Workout Routine

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    Battleships Workout Routine

    Ok, I've decided to keep myself even more accountable by starting a workout journal here, I was going to wait until next week, but because I'm already working out I thought why not start now.

    A little background, I have a torn meniscus a torn ACL and one other torn ligament in my knee (can't think of the name) I am scheduled for surgery on the 4th of June (can't wait)

    To date I am doing Aqua Zumba on Monday and Wednesday, I will be adding a P90X class on Tuesday and hope to do the same on Thursday (my instructor does not know if she will be able to do it with me on Thursday) I am going to add upper body weights and hopefully (when my knee allows) stationary bike and a bit of walking, though the walking might be more of a challenge than the bike.

    I will post my exercie daily (during the weekday only as I take weekends off to recover).

    I would LOVE for others to join me posting what they are doing on a daily basis.

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    Excellent Tril, see, you are already setting the tone, it does not have to be walking for a mile, or going to the gym or pool, simple things like working in the garden or cleaning the house are considered exercise as well! Walking your dog is excellent. So I will start

    11:30a - 1:30P

    Aqua Zumba - 60 minutes - while in the pool I did 200 squats, 100 jumping jacks along with the Aqua Zumba Class
    Water Aerobics - 45 minutes - swam laps did walking lunges
    Walking - 15 minutes - I only covered 1/2 mile, but I have knee problems so I could not walk at a very quick pace.

    2 hours of exercise today and I feel it from my forehead to my tippy-toes!

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    Today's Workout (2 sets of each)
    Rotary Chest 45/40lbs
    Rotary Shoulders 10/25lbs
    Pec Fly 10/25lbs
    Seated Row 20/40lbs
    Lat Pulldown 20/40lbs
    Low Back Extension 17/55lbs
    Abdominal 25/55lbs
    Rotary Torso 20/40lbs
    I used my GYMBOSS to time my sets

    30 minutes doing laps in the pool (doggie paddle I did 5 laps - I'm a big girl so I can't do any more than that right now)

    I did not do pull ups, not because I can't but because I really had no desire to do so, but Monday I will add (won't do weights tomorrow)
    My plan is to do this every MWF, M/W I will do this before Zumba Class and Friday I will do it before I get in the pool

    My ultimate goal is to be strong enough to do P90X from beginning to end
    I feel great, I did step on the scale, I'm very happy with my results but won't post until Saturday.

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    I did the full upper body circut again today. Why? Because i did not feel ANYTHING this gain, I'm old school. I either increased the reps or the weights this is what I did

    I did two sets of each
    Rotary Chest 21/55lbs (increased weight)
    Rotary Shoulders 10/25lbs (this stayed the same...ouch)
    Pec Fly 14/25lbs (increased reps)
    Seated Row 22/40lbs (increased reps)
    Lat Pulldown 10/55lbs (increased weight...ouch)
    Low back extension 19/55lbs (increased reps)
    Abdominal 24/55lbs (lower rep, by one, same weight)
    Rotary Torso 26/40lbs (increased reps)

    I could not do any of the nautilus lower body machines, tried but it hurt my knee too much sooooooo

    I jumped on the treadmill and did 1.01 mile at an incline of 3, only at 2.7 mph wiich is all my knee could take, I did try to up it to 3.0 but it hurt too much, I did this in 23 minutes and burned 106 calories, my knee feels fine

    Then I hit the pool for 30 minutes and did 6 full laps (swimming) 7 laps of other exercises, all in all an excellent workout.

    Edited to state that I stepped on the scale again today and was thrilled that I am down another lb, can't wait until TOM is gone and I can post my real weight!

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    Sunday, I never work out on Sundays but I got on the scale yesterday and it has not budged...

    100 ledge pushups today, that's it.

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    I did two sets of each using my Gymboss

    Rotary Chest: 23/55lbs (increased reps)
    Rotary Shoulders 10/25lbs (will stay the same, this really hurts, but hurts so good)
    Pec Fly 16/25lbs (increased reps)
    Seated Row 24/40 (increased reps)
    Lat Pulldown 14/55 (increased reps)
    Low back Extension 20/55 for some reason my reps keep going down?
    Abdominal 30/55 (increased reps, will keep here unitl I up to three sets)

    I did not get on the treadmill because I had Aqua Zumba today and was running late, will make sure I get there at least 30 minutes earlier on Wednesday

    Did three laps after Zumba Class.

    Not sure what I am going to do tomorrow, I would normally do my lower body, but can't because of the knee...I guess I will just do the treadmill and then swim.

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    I love that face!!! lol

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    3/27/12 Tuesday

    Today I completed 2 miles on the treadmill at an incline of 4, in 44:07 minutes at 2.8 mph, I know it is really slow, but I was on the treadmill for over 30 minutes and walked at an incline with a consistant speed, I hate this darn knee, can't wait until I can get back to miles under 10 minutes!

    I also completed 11 laps!!!!! I'm really excited about that, the first day I started swimming I could only do 1/2 lap at a I'm doing them 2 full laps at a time

    Today is my 'day off' tomorrow back to weights/treadmill/swimming.

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    Today I went to the gym and did the following
    Rotary chest 25/55lbs (increased the reps)
    Rotary Shoulders 10/25lbs (still the same, these just HURT)
    Pec Fly 20/25lbs (increased reps)
    Seated Row 25/40lbs (increased reps)
    Lat Pull Down 30/55lbs (increased reps)
    Abdominal 50/55lbs (increased reps)
    Did not use my Gymboss today because I don't really need it anymore, I use it to begin just to get the technique down (slow and steady)
    I did not do the Rotary Torso nor the Low Back Extension because I was running late to Aqua Zumba, also did not do my mile on treadmill.
    So Aqua Zumba was a complete waste of time, I think I have to drop it and just concentrate on working out in the gym doing weights/treadmill and then go down for free swim, I'm really not getting anything out of the class anymore and I'm FREEZING by the end of I think I am just going to do my own thing from here out.
    I hope everybody is doing well on their diet, I am finally at the point that I am really pushing myself to eat every two hours, so hard to do this, but I know it is the key to lowcarbing!
    Keep moving everybody!

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