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substitute for almond flour?

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    substitute for almond flour?

    I have a recipe for Atkins friendly poppy seed muffins I want to make but it calls for 1 cup of almond flour. It's $11.00 a bag at the grocery store and they don't sell it in the bulk foods section, or I could just buy the one cup. Can I substitute something for it and still keep it low carb?

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    Thats why we are so glad you are here! I was going to say try grinding it but never thought about it turning to butter
    Good luck Laura

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    Oh, I am on my way to Trader Jos for their almond butter with flax seeds in it...... I am almost out and that is not allowed in this house!
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    Try Wheat Gluten...................
    I use Wheat Gluten to make both pancakes and waffles.
    I have used almond flour but it goes off very fast unless fresh and kept in the ice box (fridge).
    Wheat Gluten does have some carbs but nothing like real flour.

    PS. The best pancakes i ever tasted are made with Wheat Gluten....................
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    I make my own walnut, sunflower and macadamia flours. I use my food processer. You do have to watch it carefully. The sunflowers make delicious butter, that takes about 15 mins of processing. To flour stage takes about 3-5 mins. I've never done almonds as I get it in bulk at the health food store for a good proce per kg. (Can't remember the price but it must have been Ok or I wouldn't have bought it.)

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    It's the same price here, in Arizona, but I do love my low carb cheesecake crust, I mean almond flour.

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