Nothing to do with dieting but such a good book I had to post it - it's written by an autistic professor who is a specialist in animal behaviour and I couldn't put it down. It's about how animals think and see the world but it's also about how autistic people see the world and how this helps her find out how animals perceive things. I now know more about how my horses and cats think and loads more about how autistic people think - and why they find the world such a difficult place to be in - than I ever thought I would know.

Animals and autistic people see everything and 'normal' people generalise and see 'the big picture' only. Imagine seeing every little detail in every thing you look at and not being able to forget any of it or decide which bits are important and which not? No wonder autistic children have such a hard time in life. No wonder my horse shies at a dead leaf. I highly recommend this book.