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I've lost weight but can't 'see' it! Anyone else like me?

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    Unhappy I've lost weight but can't 'see' it! Anyone else like me?

    In the last six months I've lost 20kg (44 pounds) and gone down from a size 18 (US size 14) that was super-tight to a comfortable 14 (US 10). My scales, my jeans and my husband all tell me that I've lost weight.

    But when I look in the mirror, I can't see it! I drive my husband crazy with "am I as big as her?" (looking at a woman that's an easy size 26). I honestly can't tell - in my mind I am always too fat. Intellectually of course, I do know I'm thinner, but I can't feel thinner!

    Is this the beginning of oldtimers' disease, or is it a common problem? I'm serious, even in photos I can't see much difference.

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    i caught a reflection of myself in a glass door, as i was sitting on my walker, waiting for my transportation. that was 11 days ago. it looked as if I actually gained weight. I KNOW I lost quite a lot, because the tape measure does not lie. in 4 days, I will know what the scale says. I suspect that even if I should shrink down to anorexic proportions, I will still look like 378 lbs (my worst ever recorded weight-TG 2010). Love & Profits: FLATFERENGHI

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