Is there only me reading books here? Come on, gang, tell what you read...
I nearly didn't buy this simply because the (no doubt American) author can't even spell Palaeo
No, really, it's a very good book. I read it all in a weekend then started again and read it more carefully. He gives an entire month of recipes for low-carb at the end so really useful if you don't have a clue what to eat, there is a lot of science and explanation which he repeatedly points out you don't need to understand (and some of it is a bit complex if like me you have no biology background) and he also gives easy exercise routines. The whole book is chatty and personal and friendly with comments like "I promise you, if you give up grains your bum will not forget how to poop"
I recommend this one for anyone really struggling with eating plans, anyone who wants to know why this is a good way to eat, and anyone who wants a good laugh - I laughed out loud on several occasions while reading