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The Diet Delusion by Gary Taubes

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    The Diet Delusion by Gary Taubes

    You need to read this. It's got all the counter-arguments to all those people who think eating fat makes you fat and eating fat makes your arteries clog up and eating fat makes all the birds drop out of the trees - I don't know what else. Also explains why wheat and all those carbohydrates DO make you fat, why dieting only makes you hungry and exercise gets you fit but not slimmer. Loads of references to serious scientific papers in the back if you need the proofs - something most 'diet' books don't have. But be warned this paperback is over 2 inches thick and a serious look into food, nutrition and what They don't tell you - although it is easy to follow it's not light reading in either sense of the word. Carrying it around in your bag will help get you fitter too...

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    1,686 This article just came by my computer a few moments ago. Thought many might find it interesting, if not, repetitive.

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