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New Forum Tool!!!

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    New Forum Tool!!!

    We have an awesome new forum tool!!! It's a weight/BMI tracker and it's really easy to use.

    Click Settings (upper right corner, next to "log out").

    Scroll down a little... on the left you'll find "My Weight", in between "my profile" and "my account".

    Click on "Edit Weight" and fill in the boxes. It will calculate your BMI (and your BMR & calories needed to maintain, if you're intested).

    Next, decide if you want that information posted with each of your posts... you can choose to not post it, post it so only you can see it, or post it so everyone can see it. I've chosen to share it with everyone. It shows up under your join date, location and post count (upper right of every post your make on the forum).

    Obviously... this won't be exciting for everyone. LOL BUT, you should know it's there and have the option to use it or not. Me, I think it's pretty cool!

    Let me know if you have questions or problems using this new tool!


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    Thanks, Tril! Added a shortcut in 'Quick Links'.

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    Excellent! Thanks, that makes it even easier.

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