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December 2010: What maintainers eat. Daily menus or whatever you'd care to post...

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    Smile December 2010: What maintainers eat. Daily menus or whatever you'd care to post...

    I'm going to post what I eat over the next while, as the holiday season can very easily be a time of eating when I'm not actually hungry. I want to keep from slipping into using food as a comforting tool. So, will post to keep myself on track.

    Today's food:

    CLO, tea w/ a bit of HWC.
    B: beef soup w/ celery and chives and beaten egg yolk, dash of cream and black pepper, homemade yoghurt. More tea.
    L: same
    Sn: pork rinds
    S: HB yolks, yoghurt and beef broth

    If someone wishes to post before each meal or snack to "write before you bite" to stay on plan, please post whatever helps you.

    Sending you all best wishes for a lovely afternoon.
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    CLO, tea w/ few drops of HWC and butter
    B: Egg yolks, yoghurt, more tea.
    L: Lamb soup w/ egg yolks, celery and black pepper, yoghurt, more tea.
    Sn: pork rinds
    Sppr: Grass-fed beef w/ bl. pepper, yoghurt

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    Hi, Tril. Sorry, it is Cod Liver Oil.

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    Today was one of those quite busy days, which sometimes means eating less. I just figure them in as calorie cycling, as I have some days of eating more than I need.

    CLO, tea w/ a few drops HWC
    B: Beef bacon, rinsed, and braised, with three egg yolks. Bit of homemade yoghurt.
    L: Two HB yolks, very diluted HWC.
    S: Raw celery, and diluted, heated HWC.

    Back to regular eating tomorrow. Roast with chives, celery and yellow squash in the crock pot. Batch of yoghurt underway, too.
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