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Pork rinds

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    Pork rinds

    What are your opinions of these? Since I've been on this diet, they have been a lifesaver to me, but now that I'm trying to cut way back on the "processed" low carb foods, I'm wondering if I need to ditch the rinds, too. As far as I can see, although high in calories (and fat), they don't seem to have anything in them that might cause a stall (like products with sugar alc, caffiene, aspartame, etc.). Oh, they're obviously high sodium, so might cause some water retention, but as far as ketosis is concerned...?


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    Pork Dust

    I must ruefully admit that, though I don't eat them, they seem to be a perfect Atkins snack. If one is going to snack, they're probably one of the better things you can have on Atkins. The principle reason that I don't eat them is that I don't snack at all. Otherwise I might include them in my menu too.

    Good Luck!

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    I'm sure pork rinds can stall weight loss - just because they are high in Calories. You'll still be in Ketosis, but your bosy will be burning the excess fat from the pork rinds rather than body fat. If you eat too much fat you'll just burn that and never get round to burning your body fat.


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    I used to think I couldn't live without them - ate them for breakfast (as Faux French toast recipe), lunch - with tuna or chicken salad, snack - alone or with salsa, and dinner - as a bread replacement.

    After a few months (yes, MONTHS) I found I had no desire for them anymore - especially after the major weight loss. I naturally lessened the amount I ate - and now only use them once or twice a month for breading of certain meats or veggies.

    They are an Ideal Atkins Snack - but you will naturally tire of them when your body doesn't need the extra calories or fat anymore.

    Watch the salt though - make sure you drink water!

    Dont' worry.

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    I tried these in the first month of my Atkins WOE. They satisfied my craving for crunchy food. I snacked on them for a couple week or so until I started working out on the treadmill. After that, everything I put in my mouth gets second thoughts.

    I went about eight weeks of not eating them at all until this week. Two days ago I had a peculiar craving for PB&J on white which I never liked before. It's all I could think about while watching TV. A single serving of plain, bland pork rinds took away every little desire for the PB&J sandwich or anything else I made myself think of to test the power of the rinds.

    They were a life saver in the first month, never thought about during the second month, and only at the very end of the third month did I learn that I never want to be without these things. For me they are an absolute staple to have on hand. A magic pill that negates cravings is for me, the humble and lowly pork rind.

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    I'm not a fan of pork rinds, but I love the idea of using them as bread crumbs. I will definitely have to check that out.

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