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Interesting Obesity Reasearch

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    Interesting Obesity Reasearch

    A tea concoction ( green tea, spearment oil and olive leaf extract) reverses the effects of obesity. The reasearch was initially conducted on mice but is now being trialed on humans. Pretty amazing if they can reproduce the effect in humans. Here is the story:

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    Yes, your point about the research being sponsored is important. I wonder how important the grape skin/seed and spearmint are. Maybe we should be just drinking the green tea because there is a lot of reasearch that supports the benefits of green tea on the metabolic syndrome: obesity&log$=activity

    I have recently introduced green tea (with mint) to my diet. It's cheap (I get it from the supermarket) and I think it makes me feel full and calm. I am not sure if it will help me lose weight but I am enjoying it.

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    right - just read one of those research articles, and officially changing to green tea (which i like anyway...with a bit of stevia ) tomorrow morning!!!!

    thanks guys,
    ps - Hey Blue - interested to hear how your experiment goes !

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    I am glad to hear you found something useful in those studies.

    I lived in Japan for several years and whenever I mentioned weight loss, "green tea" was mentioned. They've obviously known about the benefits for a long time.

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