View Poll Results: Are you enjoying the Atkins Induction phase?

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    3 23.08%
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  • No, hate it

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Do you enjoy Atkins?

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    Do you enjoy Atkins?

    Just wanted to find out how you other people on Induction are feeling about your experience so far.

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    Not to be rude because your post is valid but what kind of answers are you expecting ? dieting for me is very hard and takes great disopline and daily focus on this diet I can have great weeks and a bad day which can emotionaly drain me . ( not cheating but the thoughts of cheating ) but the results the weight loss and energy plus giving up bad carbs make it worth it would be hard for me to say that im jumping for joy as that is the high score on your poll( does anyone jump for joy when you give up things ) it would be hard to put my reactions in a poll score at all and I wanted to share that with you. I dont want anyone to think that I have negative experiances its just tough on the day to day some weeks. ( I am going into my 9th week) My goal was 20 pounds and I have lost 22 my new goal is 23 pounds. Im also a realist that is fresh weight loss for me after 3/4 months done the road then I would be more comfortable saying ok I lost that weight

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    Hi, your reply is just the sort of reply which I am looking for!. It is good to hear how other people find it and who speak honestly and from the heart.

    I thought that surely there must be people out there who really hate it but have to do it to get to thiet goal and maybe others out there who actually enjoy it.

    I am only on day 10 of induction and am not 100% sure about it yet even though I believe it is working so replies like yours are very welcome even iff you cannot vote.

    Thank you.

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    i don't really care about statistics. i love eating this way. i eat as much as i want, and i am losing inches like nobody's business. in 48 hours, i will know how much i lost on the scale. Love & Profits: FLATFERENGHI

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