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eating way to much!

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    eating way to much!

    not that I have been hungry and it is only my fourth day, but I have been eating huge.... only products in the book...

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    as long as it is only items on the list - the first few weeks ----- eat. Your body needs to change - from glucose burning to fat burning for energy. This is an adjustment and your body is over reacting. I believe - if you are eating ONLY allowed foods (not the sort-of-allowed foods), you will be OK.

    Whenever I was hungry -I ate tons of celery with cheese, cream cheese and pepperoni -
    I made lettuce sandwiches with meats or fish, mayo, avocado, sprouts - and one more piece of lettuce.
    I grabbed a hunk of roasted chicken and nibbled on that.

    Then I drank water.

    And every night for the first two weeks, I had a cup of decaf coffee, splenda and cream. I thought I was in heaven.

    Honestly, though, I found after a day like that, the next day was more normal. I started to keep track only to discover I really WASN'T eating that much. The calories stayed under 1600 per day, my fat was about 50%, protein, 30% and carbs 20% -- I ate 25 carbs per day, even in early induction.

    When my body is in ketosis (not as much now, but every few days I find I am in ketosis) I had NO appetite at all! And I thought I was overeating, because I still ate 4-6 times a day, but in reality it was very little!

    Keep a food diary. Use I think you will find you aren't eating too much - I think ----

    You can also post a few day's food diary listing what you ate, the amounts and the times of day you ate, and maybe someone will help analyze it for you.

    Take care,

    And remember - on the weekends, this board can be pretty slow - so don't worry if you don't get an immediate response.

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    I agree with NorthernLady. Those food levels are what you currently want and need. As you progress, and your appetite diminishes, make a concerted effort to slowly lower your volumes of proteins and fats to moderate levels. It will be relatively easy to do with no appetite.

    I did it slowly, over a period of weeks; slightly smaller portions week by week so that there was no perceived stress involved. It works. I think most of us have emotional eating issues that make that plan a necessity for long term success anyway. Just take your time and do it gradually. Getting into a solid habit of eating smaller portions has allowed me to deal with the emotional issues with more control too. It is my proudest achievement on Atkins.

    Good Luck!

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    my appetite is very inconsistent. some days i need lots of food, and others very little. i do not worry about it. i just count my carbs, and sodium, and enjoy every mouthful. my clothing is becoming big on me, which i assume means, i am getting smaller. on Thurs 8/16/18, I will be at the doctor, and find out what the scale (which I call the fat scan) has to say. Love & Profits: FLATFERENGHI

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